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4-year-old Girl Rides Bus At 3am For Slushie

4-year-old Girl Rides Bus At 3am For Slushie
Image from Flickr by Lain Fergus


4-year-old Girl Rides Bus At 3am For Slushie

Image from Flickr by Iain Fergus

Image from Flickr by Iain Fergus

Four-year-old Annabelle shocked a bus driver and passengers when she was found on a bus at 3am all by herself. Prodded by concerned citizens, the girl said she was just out to find a slushie, WPIV TV reported.

Little girl at 3am for slushie adventure

On March 27, 3am, a man flagged down SEPTA’s 56 bus on Torresdale Avenue and told the driver he had found a child. Upon reviewing surveillance cameras, bus officials saw Annabelle nonchalantly step onto the bus. She looked very much ready for her early morning adventure, wearing her coat and snow boots. While sitting, she calmly swayed her feet which could not even touch the floor. Through the cooperation of the passengers and the driver, Annabelle was brought back to her parents an hour after she was found.

Bus driver Harlan Jenifer was shocked. Someone has “got to be kidding me” was his first thought. He said he immediately called the police. The passengers tried to console the little girl, thinking she was lost.

But they were shocked when the girl said all she wanted was a slushie.

Her parents, who were immediately contacted by police, came to the scene within an hour. When Annabelle saw her parents fetching her, her only concern was how she will not be getting her slushie anymore. As it turned out, she had broken their locks to get out.

While her mother Jaclyn Mager was being interviewed by WPIV TV, Annabelle interrupted and asked if she could still take her to get a slushie. Mager promised to take her under one condition: that she will never go on her own again, and to always wait for mommy.

Mager told WPIV TV that the worst could’ve happened had it not been for the concerned people who found Annabelle. Annabelle’s father, Timothy Ridgeway, felt the same way.

“My mind is wanting to go places, it’s hard not to. Thank God for the bus driver,” Ridgeways told WPIV TV.

Mager said she couldn’t find the right words to show how grateful she was for everyone.

Annabelle and her innocent slushie adventure made it in headlines around different parts of the world. The incident was reported by the TIME, Reuters, UK’s The Telegraph and Sky News Australia.


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