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4 People Dead, 1 Injured In Wisconsin Bridge Shooting

4 People Dead, 1 Injured In Wisconsin Bridge Shooting
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4 People Dead, 1 Injured In Wisconsin Bridge Shooting

Four people were shot dead, and one was injured on a Wisconsin bridge outside Green Bay on Sunday evening. One among the four dead is the shooter himself, according to police officials. The incident took place on the Trestle Trail Bridge in Fritse Park in Menasha around 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

“At this point we do not believe there is any other threat to the community,” Menasha Police Chief Timothy Styka said during a news conference. “We think this was a random act. It does not appear that anyone was targeted.”

The motive of the shooter is not yet known. The fifth person injured during the firing was hospitalized. Investigations are underway.

Authorities refused to divulge the identity of the victims. After the incident, Menasha Police advised people to stay away from vicinity.

Jon Bacon, a Menasha resident who went fishing, said 10 to 12 shots were heard coming from the bridge.

Describing the incident, another man named Judge Finley said,”He shot enough rounds to hurt several people, I mean it was just like the old days in (Vietnam): Bang, bang, bang, bang … and then it got quiet.”

About 30 officers from Menasha arrived at the scene minutes after the shooting were reported, Styka said.

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