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3 Android Apps That Can Shoot RAW Photos

3 Android Apps That Can Shoot RAW Photos

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3 Android Apps That Can Shoot RAW Photos

What “Adroid apps” can help you shoot raw photos? Find out the best Android apps for a photographer like you.

Who isn’t crazy about photography these days? Smartphones have made each one of us a photographer. But still none of us are as good as the professional ones. Why? Because there is a big difference between the way they shoot with cameras and the way we shoot with smartphones.

As we know, DSLRs capture images in RAW format, which makes editing easier for professional photographers. Not just that, with RAW, they get –

i. better details
ii. better adjust white balance
iii. correct under exposed images
iv. correct over exposed images

To give your smartphone pictures a professional look, shoot them in RAW format with these Android apps.

Camera FV-5

With Camera FV-5, you can easily control the white balance, focus, shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO settings. You also get a number of different features here with which you can deliver better pictures. Some of them are:

i. burst mode,
ii. bracketing,
iii. self timer,
iv. exposure
v. guidelines and
vi. a histogram

Camera FV-5 also allows you to change the settings of your camera with the help of volume buttons. This app costs you $3.95.

Manual Camera

When it comes to white balance, focus, shutter speed and exposure, this app is no different than Camera FV-5. But there is more to Manual Camera than just the control it gives to its users. With this Android app, you can control all of your image settings either manually or let the app do it for you. Yes, just like any other digital camera every setting can be controlled automatically. It also allows you to lock the values you choose for shooting, which can be changed as per your convenience.

Manual Camera comes for $2.99.

AZ Camera

AZ Camera is a free app, but you have to pay for the pro version. So if you are just a hobbyist who wants the benefits of RAW without spending a penny, then AZ Camera is for you. Though you will not be able to use each and every feature free of cost, you will be able to shoot images in RAW format. That should just do the trick.

Now that you know about the apps, change the way you shoot with smartphones. Happy Clicking!

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