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2020 Tokyo Olympics Could Pave the Way for Revolutionary Technologies

2020 Tokyo Olympics Could Pave the Way for Revolutionary Technologies


2020 Tokyo Olympics Could Pave the Way for Revolutionary Technologies

2020 Tokyo OlympicsWhen Japan was picked to be the host country for the 2020 Olympic Games last month, many technology enthusiasts were more excited. That is because along with that selection is an assurance that the event would pave the way for introduction of several new, interesting, and futuristic technologies, which Japan is known for.

During the 1964 Olympic Games in the country, the Japanese government introduced sophisticated infrastructure programs that served as models to similar developments in other countries. Back then, it built the Shinkansen bullet train, the Tokyo subway lines, the city expressway system and numerous hotels to accommodate guests.

For the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, it is to be expected that Japanese technology innovations would again be highlighted. Many experts bet on introduction of new technologies to help make sure athletes and guests would be more at home in their short stay. This early, drums are rolling for a new TV technology, a new mobile network, and self-driving cars that may be rolled out before the Olympics in the country.

Super Hi-Vision TV

The national public broadcast station Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) is set to soon widely test its so-called ‘Super Hi-Vision’ television technology. Massive test transmissions are set in 2016. Thus, by 2020, NHK is confident that it could cover and broadcast the Olympic Games with the use of this new, impressive system. The new technology would be eight times higher than the level of details featured in the current set of HDTVs.

It could be recalled that Super Hi-Vision had already been tested although in a very limited phase and scale last year during the London Olympic Games. NHK collaborated with BBC to produce a few hours of games coverage per day, which were beamed live to specific public sites in both the UK and Japan.

Launch of 5G Mobile Service

The biggest mobile network in Japan, NTT DoCoMo, is aiming to launch what could be the ‘5G’ mobile service in 2020 in time for the Olympics. This early, the company is already developing this technology so it could be tested long before the target timeframe.

According to sources, the 5G network would be intended for outdoor usage. In urban centers like Tokyo, the proposed mobile technology would facilitate data rates ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gmps. However, DoCoMO admits that it still has to overcome numerous impediments and hurdles to finally make the proposed technology possible.

Self-driving cars

Nissan hopes that before 2020 comes, the streets of Tokyo would be full of self-driving cars. The Japanese car maker is currently developing an autonomous driving technology that would finally make this goal happen.

According to reports, the planned self-driving vehicles would be equipped by an electronic map, five laser sensors, and five cameras. The initial prototypes of those cars are already being tested. Those were already unveiled and demonstrated at the recent Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (Ceatec).

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