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2016 Rio Olympics Venues Won’t Be Wasted, To Be Transformed Into Schools

2016 Rio Olympics Venues Won’t Be Wasted, To Be Transformed Into Schools
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2016 Rio Olympics Venues Won’t Be Wasted, To Be Transformed Into Schools

Sporting venue Arena of the Future will be transformed into four state-run schools after the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Rebuilding the venue as schools, according to president of the Rio 2016 Committee Carlos Nuzman, “is an excellent example of Rio’s commitment to ensuring the 2016 Games leave tangible benefits for the local community.

“The nomadic architecture concept defined by our government partners is a first for the Games and we are proud that 2,000 Brazilian schoolchildren will benefit from it for many years to come,” Nuzman said.

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2016 Rio Olympics venues transformation “based around not leaving white elephants”

As reported by Wired, the Olympics Aquatics Stadium will be dismantled and built as two community swimming centers. One of these will be in Madureira Park while the other in the Campo Grande area.

The International Broadcast Center will be converted into a high school dormitory. Barra Olympic Park, which constitutes of nine venues, will be made into public parks.

The idea of rebuilding the venues is “based around not leaving white elephants,” Bill Hanway said. Hanway is an executive vice president and leader of Global Sports at AECOM, the company credited with forming the plan for the parks in London and Rio.

“We’re at a stage in the Olympics where social and financial responsibility are much more important than they used to be,” Hanway added.

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2016 Rio Olympics venues transformation: “Nomadic architecture”

Hanway further added that, upon completion of the games, sporting venues normally have twice the capacity than required; some remain vacant as they are not used at all.

According to, the Municipal Olympic Company (EOM) said through the practice of “nomadic architecture” this year’s Olympics will be able to resolve some of the dire challenges the city faces.

“These are the Games of transformation that will transform the city and leave a legacy, such as mobility.” Joaquim Monteiro, president of the EOM, said. “We’re not preparing Rio for the Games, we are transforming the city of Rio.”

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