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2016 Presidential Debate: Who Will Win First Debate Here’s Our Analysis

2016 Presidential Debate: Who Will Win First Debate Here’s Our Analysis
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during United States presidential election 2016 Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton) / Wikimedia Commons cc


2016 Presidential Debate: Who Will Win First Debate Here’s Our Analysis

The first round of the 2016 presidential debate is merely hours away with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing off in a battle of words. The event will mark the start of the seven week countdown to Election Day.

Both candidates have been hard at work consolidating their power base going into the debates. Still that doesn’t mean they didn’t have time to hurl insults, verbal or otherwise, at each other. Over the past few weeks, both have questioned the other’s policies and their plans to accomplish them.

However, given that this will be the first time both candidates will share the same stage, they might dial down on the insults for sake of professionalism. They might still try to discredit each other although with America watching, they might use logic instead of rhetoric. So with that in mind, who has the edge in the first 2016 presidential debate?

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Of course, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump has a commanding presence on stage and he used this to bully his fellow candidates back in the primaries. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is much more relaxed on the podium. With most of her appearances being limited to speeches and interviews, she has mastered the art of conversing with an audience.

If this were any other debate, Trump would have it in the bag no questions asked. However, given that this is the debate between two people who could potentially run the most powerful country on Earth, those who watch it will want details, copious details.

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Details regarding their policies, their platforms, and all manner of political paraphernalia. This is where Mrs. Clinton has the advantage. Her years in office as a senator and Secretary of State has given her an idea of what people want to hear.

Trump on the other hand has barely revealed details about his policies, or his finances. While he did emphasize his plans for immigration and the economy, the details he divulged are barely enough to convince many voters and critics. Many are attributing this to his inexperience as a politician, another issue which Clinton could use to her advantage.

Still, this could change at the debate itself as he might reveal the details of his policies for the first time. His reveal could be voluntary or under the duress from his opponent. Do note however that this is The Donald. The level of confidence in him is as high as his buildings.

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Donald Trump appeals to the emotion of voters, his words stir anger as well as hope. Trump channels anger at the government that his supporters believe have been neglecting them into hope that he will remedy it once he wins the presidency.

On the contrary, Hillary Clinton appeals to their reason, she is farthest from a hair-trigger candidate spouting rhetoric after rhetoric. Her platform mostly involves maintaining the status quo and improving it. Improving in this case however, is up to your interpretation.

So who has the advantage in the 2016 presidential debate? Given that Donald Trump has no surprising revelations, Hillary Clinton will probably take it. She should still be cautious as one small mistake can put Trump at the offensive and she could come out worse than she came in.

Here are the list of networks that will simulcast the debate from Wired.

  • ABC,
  • NBC,
  • Fox,
  • CBS,
  • MSNBC,
  • Fox News,
  • CNN,
  • Univision,
  • C-SPAN

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