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2015 General Election: Tory Govt. Vs ‘Economic Chaos of Ed Miliband’

2015 General Election: Tory Govt. Vs ‘Economic Chaos of Ed Miliband’
David Cameron Gareth Milner / Flickr CC BY 2.0


2015 General Election: Tory Govt. Vs ‘Economic Chaos of Ed Miliband’

David Cameron

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The beginning of official election campaigns saw David Cameron commenting that he would offer strong leadership and that the Labour party has a better plan for the future.

He emphasized that people of Britain can either decide with a competent Tory government or elect the Labour party. He further said that an alternative to a Tory government was “the economic chaos of Ed Miliband,” as reported by The Independent.

After notifying the Queen of the dissolution of parliament, he addressed the people, saying, “In 38 days’ time you face a stark choice. The next prime minister walking through that door will be me or Ed Miliband.

“You can choose an economy that grows, that creates jobs, that generates the money to ensure a properly funded and improving NHS, a government that will cut taxes for 30 million hardworking people and a country that is safe and secure. Or you can choose the economic chaos of Ed Miliband’s Britain – over £3,000 in higher taxes for every working family to pay for more welfare and out-of-control spending. Debt will rise and jobs will be lost as a result.”

According to the The Guardian, to reach 326 seats that will give Cameron a parliamentary majority of one, Tories require 26 seats. Although they secured 306 seats in 2010, they have lost three since. The Tories will be hoping for the Labour-held Plymouth Moor View, 23rd on their target list, which will get them over the line.

Cameron also commented about offering two million jobs in addition to 1.9 million opportunities that have been created since 2010.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Cameron said, “It’s that mindset of ‘we know best, don’t buy your council house because that’s thieving from society’, they say from a well-upholstered, comfortable red-brick Victorian mansion that they bought’.

“I do think when you look at what Ed Miliband really thinks, it is a very kind of Hampstead socialist, ‘we know best’ kind of view.”

Camerson also claimed Miliband was “disqualified” after the latter had been unable to make decisive calls regarding creating order in public finances.

“Look, one of the most important things we’ve had to do as a country is deal with the deficit, get the economy moving, live within our means,” Cameron said.

“Ed Miliband has been in denial about that. He’s spent the last five years either forgetting about the deficit or opposing every single step we’ve made to get it down.”

A YouGov/Sunday Times poll tallied Labour having four points more than Tories – 36% as opposed to 32%.


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