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15-Month-Old Girl Electrocuted To Death At A Wichita Carnival

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15-Month-Old Girl Electrocuted To Death At A Wichita Carnival

A little girl has died after getting electrocuted when she stayed near a ride at a carnival near Wichita, Kansas last week.

15-month-old toddler Pressley Bartonek was at the Evan United Show Carnival in Wichita with her mother and older sister. Because she was not big enough to join the two inside a bouncy house, little Pressley stayed outside the ride. Here, she played by the handrail of the gate surrounding one of the rides by herself. She was said to be swinging back and forth the handrail.

According to Pressley’s family, the little girl suddenly “went unconscious.” They later discovered that the gate Pressley played with was charged with 290 volts of electricity. Following the incident, Pressley’s father immediately pried his daughter off the handrail. Emergency responders came and rushed the toddler to the hospital. She was taken to the Wesley Medical Center. According to a report from The Wichita Eagle, police found burn marks on Pressley’s feet. “There was a possibility of some type of electric shock. We’re still trying to determine whether that is the cause,” Officer Charley Davidson had said on Saturday.

Family decides to donate Pressley’s organs following her tragic death.

Tragically, Pressley died on Wednesday afternoon. Her death was confirmed in a statement that her family released. “We have made the difficult decision to donate her organs so that other patients in need of transplants no longer have to suffer through their illnesses and that her death was not in vain,” the Bartonek family told Inside Edition. The family is now requesting for privacy as they mourn the loss of young Pressley.

Meanwhile, Wester Energy was called to the scene following the accident. According to a report from the NY Daily News, master electrician Jeff Kretchmar believes that a break in the wire may have caused for the fence to get charged with electricity.

Following the tragic accident, the Evans United Shows carnival has decided to continue running its events. In fact, the carnival management is currently holding a carnival in Topeka, Kansas. According to a report from KSNT News, the carnival is running at the Kansas Expocentre until May 28. The company has also refused to comment on the tragedy.

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