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When Guys Get Drunk, They Paint Each Other’s Nails (WATCH)

Nail Polish Lelê Breveglieri CC BY 2.0

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When Guys Get Drunk, They Paint Each Other’s Nails (WATCH)

Ever heard of drunk guys painting each other’s nails?

Yes, that’s correct.

Painting nails an “intimate” activity.

BuzzFeed Yellow shared a video of a bunch of guys painting each other’s nails while drinking. The reactions as they apply nail polish to other’s fingernails are hilarious. They talk about how “enjoyable” and “intimate” the activity is, about life, and how women are able to do the exercise without any help from someone else.

“I think nail polish is a perfect metaphor for life,” one guy says. “Because you keep trying. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you run over the lines. And then there is a time when you get it perfect.”

Another guy who grew up with an elder sister said she had extremely large nails. Her sister, a fan of SWV, had nails that “had like curves and stuff.”

How do girls paint their nails by themselves?

One guy said the art of painting one’s nails is “enjoyable” while another one said it got him “really stressed.” He even wondered how women do it by themselves. After all, they are on the phone and painting their nails at the same time in the movies.

Another guy, admiring the beauty of art that is nail painting, says the way to identify great artists is by their “brushstrokes.”

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