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12-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Now Runs His Own Cupcake Shop

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12-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Now Runs His Own Cupcake Shop

In Wisconsin, one 12-year-old boy with Down Syndrome is now the proud owner of a successful cupcake business.

These days, John Truel is always busy after school. After all, he does have a business to run, a cupcake store that he owns with his mother.

You could say that Cupcakes on 8th was a business born out of necessity. John’s mom Patricia needed a side project that would allow her to stay home with her son who has Down Syndrome. ” In 2009, I decided that I needed something more than just being a mom. [Baking is] enjoyable but I can still stay home,” Patricia explained.

The business was a huge hit instantly. Patricia and John would personally service their customers by delivering their orders to them. It would not take long before their cupcake shop got their first major order. During the shop’s fourth week, somebody had ordered 48 dozens of cupcakes from them. Patricia couldn’t be more pleased. “[I thought it] was really fun and it’s something I can teach John to do in the future,” Patricia explained to ABC News.

The mother and son would come to develop a routine. Soon as John comes home, he would busy preparing orders and greeting visitors. He would even help his mom wash the dishes at the store. The shop now has a permanent location in Marshfield, Wisconsin. The Truel family had moved here for John’s father’s job.

Patricia plans to pass on the business to John in the future.

When they relocated, Patricia decided to get a home that would allow them to house their cupcake shop on the property itself. She plans to pass on the business to John when he gets older. It would be something that can allow her youngest son to sustain himself. “I don’t want him to have to rely on someone taking care of him or state funding. I want him to have something himself, feel fulfilled,” Patricia told Inside Edition.

Today, Cupcakes on 8th doesn’t just serve delectable cupcakes. In fact, according to their Facebook page, they offer an assortment of wonderful cakes too. For starters, Cupcakes on 8th has a Hummingbird cake that is adorned with pineapple flowers. At the same time, Patricia and John also make custom cakes on cupcakes for just about any occasion.

As for John, he continues to train on the job. He is learning to greet customers, follow recipes and work the cashier. And when you go to visit Cupcake on 8th, you can be sure that John will be there to serve you with a big smile on his face.

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