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12-Year-Old Girl Saves A Younger Neighbor From Getting Abducted

12-Year-Old Girl Saves A Younger Neighbor From Getting Abducted
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12-Year-Old Girl Saves A Younger Neighbor From Getting Abducted

One Wisconsin neighborhood is now calling a young girl a hero after saving another little girl from a possible abduction.

Four-year-old Caylee Carr was just playing outside with a bunch of other kids when trouble started. Before she knew it, a man who lives across the street was grabbing her and pulling her away from the group. From her own home, 12-year-old Jada Miller could see what was happening. She knew Caylee was in trouble and did not hesitate to help her right away.

Jada immediately left her house and made her way towards Caylee and the man. A neighbor also saw what was happening. “I told her to get the little girl and I was going to get her parents,” neighbor Trinity Stout told Fox 6 Now. And so, without any regard for her own safety, she grabbed the younger girl by the stomach and pulled away. “Come on, Caylee, we’re going home,” Jada told Caylee. Meanwhile, Caylee turned to the man and told him, “I’ll be right back.” To this, Jada told the man, “No, she won’t.”

It turns out that the man, Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee, has been a troubling presence in the neighborhood for some time now. During an interview with Inside Edition, Jeff Carr, Caylee’s father, said Spasogevich-Lee has “been a problem before.” “He’s just really creepy,” he added. And so when he found out about what happened, he knew exactly what to do. “I was so happy once they told me what happened. I was furious. But I settled down and called the cops.”

Suspect has a history of bothering children.

Soon as police arrived at the scene, they spoke with Caylee’s parents. According to Caylee’s mother, “her past interactions with the defendant had not been good.” Moreover, she said in her complaint had been trying to bother children in the past. “For the last three weeks the defendant has constantly tried to come across the street from where he lives and attempt to speak, play, or engage with the children,” her complaint stated. She also said that she had “warned the defendant many times to stay away but he continue to persist.”

Today, police have charged Spasogevich-Lee with disorderly conduct and abduction of a child. If convicted with a more serious abduction charge, the suspect can face up to 15 years in prison. Meanwhile, the court also ordered Spasogevich-Lee to not have any contact with a child under the age of 18.

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