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12 Thousand Dolphins Killed For Thanksgiving: Facts To Know

12 Thousand Dolphins Killed For Thanksgiving: Facts To Know
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12 Thousand Dolphins Killed For Thanksgiving: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

Did your cranberry sauce taste a little fishy during Thanksgiving dinner? That’s probably because of the shocking report that discloses the fact that canned cranberries contains dolphin meat!

The above information definitely would be horrifying news for someone who is vegan or simply happens to love dolphins. But the report says that 12,000 dolphins are caught in cranberry harvesting nets and consequently canned up in the process!

Were dolphins killed by cranberry harvesters?

A meme that has recently gone viral on Facebook shows an animated cranberry bog. In the middle of the bog has popped up the head of a smiling dolphin. And on one corner of the picture is a cranberry harvester threatening to entrap the cute dolphin.

The message “Please ask for dolphin-free cranberries this Thanksgiving” is splashed in the ominous blood-red background. Many environmental activists have commented on the matter, empathizing with the matter.

What they did not realize or are aware of is the fact that it is physically impossible for dolphins to get caught during cranberry harvesting. This is because cranberries do not grow in water of deep lakes or ponds, but bogs.

What are cranberry bogs?

Bogs are wetlands or marshes, which are ideal conditions for cranberry cultivation. “Cranberries grow on low-lying vines in beds layered with sand, peat, gravel and clay”, informs Cranberries.

Also because cranberries require factors like “acid peat soil” and ample water supply to grow, cranberries and dolphins cannot co-exist together.

Only a brief while before harvesting, the cranberry bogs are flooded with water. Even then the depth of water present in the bogs is about 18 inches deep. Dolphins won’t stand a chance of surviving under such insufficient conditions.

The final nail on the coffin enclosing this obviously hoax story has been hammered by Snopes. It has pointed out that the fake news surfaced back in 2015 on a Reddit thread dedicated to sharing amusing picture, authentic or otherwise.

Clearly, the meme was created for entertainment and was later blown wildly out of proportion. The meme was uploaded on Facebook by a group calling themselves “Fake Science”.

Their very motto says it all:

“Fake Science is a less than factual guide to our amazing world. Featuring all the questions that are too hard to answer, we explore what seems like the truth in breathtaking detail and with a total lack of research. After all, if it looks true, it might as well be true.”

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