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11-Year-Old Gets White House Invite For Confronting YouTube Bullies

11-Year-Old Gets White House Invite For Confronting YouTube Bullies
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11-Year-Old Gets White House Invite For Confronting YouTube Bullies

Cyberbully is not uncommon; what is uncommon is getting an invite from the White House for standing up against it. An  11-year-old boy subjected to cyberbully yet bravely confronted such as shown in an extraordinary video was invited to the White House. The boy is going to visit on July 20 with his father Josh Fairbanks, 30.

Logan was an ordinary boy who used to post spirited YouTube videos with his father from their home in Hartford, Michigan. On a video, Logan noticed a stream of cruel comments that call him “fat” or “stupid.” One comment even says “I hope he dies.” He was not the person who sits idle. He made a 2-minute video where he read all the words of his hecklers, calmly looking directly at the lens.

The video was filmed by Logan’s father with serious intention. The result was 700,000 views, one of which came from someone in the White House. A senior advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, wrote on Twitter, “You are stronger than anyone’s hurtful words. We could all learn something from you and your dad!”

Another tweet came from Jarrett that reads, “Change happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things-when people have Logan’s courage & speak up.”

Josh, the father of Logan, said, “At that point I felt like he was mature enough to approach the situation and if I could take a chance for my 11-year-old to help change the world, no matter how rough the road, it was worth a shot.”

The 11-year-old got invite from White House right away,”@DadVsLogan If you’re ever in DC, pls stop by the @WhiteHouse and say hi. Logan may be a future occupant one day 🙂

Josh tweeted back saying, “@vj44 Thank you so much for your kind words. I can’t believe our video has hit this close to the White House. We are in awe right now.” As per the latest report, they were able to arrange for the money. The father-son duo will be heading to the White House soon.

The boy who confronted his bullies on YouTube is quite excited about the invitation and the kind words that he received. Josh told ABC news, “Out of all of the mentions … that was probably the one that made our hearts skip a beat the most.”

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