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102-Year Old Grandma Completes Bucket List By Getting Arrested

102-Year Old Grandma Completes Bucket List By Getting Arrested
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102-Year Old Grandma Completes Bucket List By Getting Arrested

When you’ve reached 102 years old, there really isn’t much you haven’t done yet. Except, perhaps, get into trouble enough to get arrested by the police. For one loving, law-abiding grandma, this was an item in her bucket list that has been unchecked for years. So when she celebrated her birthday this year, she thought she would do something about it.

On Friday morning, the unthinkable happened for 102-year-old Edie Sims. She rode in the back of squad car and had “handcuffs and all.” The experience was quite a delight for the woman.

“These types of events and Ms. Simms help us do that and we`re more than happy to do these type of things,” said St. John McLaughlin of the St. Louis Police Department to Fox2now.

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The police department had picked up Edie and let her ride suspect style. Throughout their trip, she was said to be giving the officers pieces of wisdom as well as free pairs of socks and scarves she may have just made herself.

You see, Edie is known for her handmade items, which she expertly crafts at the Five Star Senior Center where she spends most of her days.

Last year alone, the expert grandma had managed to stitch around 413 handmade items for other folks in the center. She says the first piece of clothing she ever stitched herself was a “wearable” dress. “I’m not saying it was good but I wore it to school when I was ten years old,” she recalled.

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Thanks to the officers, Edie’s birthday was extra special this year. After all the excitement of getting picked up, Edie sent the rest of her day joining her friends for a game of bingo where everybody received a handmade birthday give away from Edie.

As for the St. Louis Department, they said that being able to be to help out Edie and other seniors this way is also quite amazing. “We love it and we get more out of it than the seniors do,” McLaughlin said.

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