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10 Best Windows 10 Free Apps

10 Best Windows 10 Free Apps
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10 Best Windows 10 Free Apps

Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft, has the ability to run Universal windows Programs. This means UWP/Windows Store apps run across all Windows platforms, including tablets, Xbox and Windows phone. While the apps are many, only a few deserve your attention. We have compiled a list of ten free and functional apps for Windows 10.

  1. Windows 10 offers a utility app, called “File History”, to help users maintain incremental, full and easily accessible copies of all their files. Once the app is enabled, it takes snapshots of your files. You may install the app by going to Start-Settings-Update & Security-Backup.
  1. “Windows Defender”, is a free antivirus tool that is reliable, simple to use and is fast. With this app on Windows 10, you can quickly eradicate all viruses and bugs from your machine so that the software can run smoothly. To find the app, go to Start-Settings-System-Apps & Features.
  1. Another interesting free app is “Last Pass” that run on Android, ChromeOS, Mac and iOS. It helps to track your user password, ID and settings, and then store them in the cloud, so that you can have access to them whenever you want.
  1. “Dropbox” is yet another free app that integrates directly into File Manager. The app allows 2GB free space for personal usage. It features great reliability, integration and easy operation with several programs in Office.
  1. The fully-featured, well-designed “Office Online” has great compatibility with desktop Office programs.
  1. “Google Photos” is another free app, especially useful for photographers who can use the app for high-definition archival storage and touch-up tools. The app automatically analyzes every picture that is taken.
  1. With “Ninite”, you can download the latest version of all desktop applications. Also, the app is easy to install.
  1. The right way to keep your system up-to-date is with the “Secunia Personal Software Inspector”. The app helps to scan every desktop program on your PC and informs you if you have any wayward programs that haven’t been patched.
  1. “Malwarebytes” is another free, anti-virus app that detects all kinds of unusual bugs in AV programs. The best part is the app is adept at running on your system even if it is already infected.
  1. “ElitePad Lite”; works wonders with tabs, Unicode support, undo/redo, cut, copy-paste, replace, etc, reported InfoWorld.

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