Zika Virus US News: Banned Pesticide Sprayed In Wynwood, Posts More Health Risks

Zika Virus US News: Banned Pesticide Sprayed In Wynwood, Posts More Health Risks
US Air Force 060516-F-4098K-240a Reserve C-130s continue spray missions over Louisana Air Force file photo/Airman 1st Class Chad Kellum / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
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Experts from Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control dropped naled from planes over Wynwood to fight the Zika virus last week.


However, it has been reported that the same pesticide, naled, is banned in the European Union. Regulators at the European Union stated that the pesticide poses a massive threat to human health. According to Miami New Times, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tried to spray naled to kill mosquitoes over Puerto Rico to oust the virus.

The streets of San Juan’s erupted with protesters. This forced Puerto Rican Governor Alejandro García Padilla to withdraw the CDC’s shipments of the chemical.

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The state health officials are trying to keep the virus at bay by covering the town of Wynwood with the insecticide, said Zero Hedge. Despite the fact that naled is banned, Floridians barely said a word against the administration of the pesticide.

However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and CDC confirmed that naled can be safely distributed in small amounts to kill mosquitoes. But some American environmental scientists in absolute disagreement. According to them, spraying the chemical over a populated area is a “necessary evil” and totally irresponsible.

Several studies have been conducted to show that naled can do damage to a growing fetus. This clearly states that the Miami-Dade county could be destroying the same pregnant women it’s trying to protect.

“We all have heard of the intention to fumigate Miami with naled, and with all due respect, we are starting to see in Florida a repeat of what we went through: Public servants not reading the science that is in front of them,” writes Melendez-Ackerman, an anti-naled activist.

Due to the growing fear of the virus, residents have stopped coming out. Wynwood is currently a “ghost town.”

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