Zika Virus US News: ALARM! 22 Patients In Dallas County Confirmed

Zika Virus US News: ALARM! 22 Patients In Dallas County Confirmed
Microcephaly-comparison Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
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On Monday, Dallas County officials said they had discovered another Zika virus patient, bringing the county’s total to 22 people as of now.


Earlier, officials of Dallas had found 12 pregnant women tested positive for possible Zika infection. However, presence of the virus cannot still be confirmed until they give birth.

Zachary Thompson, Dallas County health director, said that they have been preparing for the scenario for so long, said Dallas News.

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Public health department officials confirmed that the newest patient is 28 years old and is the 22nd person to contract the illness in Dallas County. The patient acquired the virus while traveling in Mexico.

However, local health officials announced that there is no known Zika case transmitted locally by mosquitoes. They believe that all local cases have been brought from other countries. But one case in Dallas County is being considered to have been transmitted by sexual contact, said NBC.

Health department officials are keeping an eye out on pregnant women with possible infection, although none of them have given birth as of now.

Two weeks ago, there was a Houston baby born with Zika-linked microcephaly.

“There are many costs associated with it, but overall the emotional toll it would take on the mother and the family — that’s what I worry about,” Thompson said about the baby with microcephaly, the first in the state. The baby was born in Houston two weeks ago.

No medicine or vaccine can fight the Zika virus as of now. The only prevention is to stay away from mosquitoes and avoid sexual contact with infected people.

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