Zika Virus News: Canada Outbreak? OVO Fest Gig Canceled Due To Disease

Zika Virus News: Canada Outbreak? OVO Fest Gig Canceled Due To Disease

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Canada is now fearing a Zika virus outbreak as reggae star Beenie Man was denied a visa to Canada after contracting the disease.


Beenie Man canceled his performance on Saturday night at Toronto’s OVO Fest. It was earlier reported that health department of Alberta, Canada discovered 15 cases of the virus. The denial of visa points out that Canada is serious about the outbreak.

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According to Rolling Stones, Beenie Man canceled his OVO appearance. Ticketmaster told ticket buyers in a statement that because of immigration issues, Beenie Man will no longer perform at the OVO Fest 2016 on Saturday July 30 at TD Echo Beach in Toronto.

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The statement also said that the reggae star will be replaced by a set of “surprise special guests.” However, Machel Montano will still headline, as stated earlier, along with other special guests.

Beenie Man a photo on his Instagram account. In the post, he said that he had been bitten by a mosquito carrying the Zika virus.

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He also said he had contracted dengue fever and that he was unable to get a visa for the Canada gig.

“No visa fi mi Canada show,” the Jamaican singer wrote. “The same Zika mosquito gi mi dengue. Blood test, injections, pills. Wi a hol firm still.”

Hot New HipHop stated that Beenie Man was set to perform along with the king of soca, Trinidad’s Machel Montano. Due to Beenie’s absence, Montano showed up with the Caribbean all-stars like Kranium, Sean Paul, and Mavado.

Beenie Man’s news was announced the same day the first domestic outbreak of the disease was found in south Florida. Already four people were diagnosed with the virus there.

The virus would bring in symptoms like mild fever, skin rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise or headache.

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