Zerodium To Reward $1 Million To iOS 9 Jailbreakers

Zerodium To Reward $1 Million To iOS 9 Jailbreakers

Zerodium, a premium zero-day acquisition platform, has announced a reward of one million dollars to anyone who can jailbreak iOS 9.


The reward will be given to up to three jailbreaks which means the company is ready to spend a whopping amount of three million USD on the exploits. While giving out the news, Zerodium in one of its posts wrote, “Apple iOS, like all operating system, is often affected by critical security vulnerabilities, however due to the increasing number of security improvements and the effectiveness of exploit mitigations in place, Apple’s iOS is currently the most secure mobile OS.” The company further added, “But don’t be fooled, secure does not mean unbreakable, it just means that iOS has currently the highest cost and complexity of vulnerability exploitation and here’s where the Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty comes into play.”

The jailbreak program is open to security researchers, jailbreak developers and reverse engineers till October 31 2015, and is liable to come to an end before the due date if the company achieves its target of 3.

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There is a big list of eligibility criteria given out by the company. A few of which are:

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1. Incomplete jailbreaks will be rejected.

2. The exploit must support and be able to work on:
– iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
– iPhone 5 / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5s
– iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad (4rd generation) / iPad (3th generation) / iPad mini 4 / iPad mini 2

3. The jailbreak must allow installation of arbitrary apps like Cydia on iOS 9 devices.

4. Submissions must include unreported exploits.

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You can read the complete list of conditions on Zerodium’s dedicated page to iOS 9 Jailbreak.