Did Zack Snyder Tease Brainiac for Man of Steel 2 in Debut Movie? Insignia Spotted

Did Zack Snyder Tease Brainiac for Man of Steel 2 in Debut Movie? Insignia Spotted
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While most of the DC fan base has been critical about Zack Snyder for his representation of DCEU line-ups, the director still continues to release box office hit movies.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the most recent victim of disappointment this year. However, on the release of the movie’s Ultimate Edition, Zack Snyder once again left the audience awestruck.

Currently Zack Snyder and his team is busy producing Justice League. While all fans in the DC Community is interested in knowing more details about the movie, we came across something that can be considered as “secret references” made by Snyder for Man of Steel 2.

Earlier today Reddit user LeftHandBandito posted a screenshot from the debut movie Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder. The image reveals the Kryptonian ship afloat. But what we seem to have missed is a form of insignia below it.

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A closer look at the image reveals that the pattern looks exactly like the insignia of Brianiac. As surprised as we all are, we still don’t know if its coincidence or Zack Snyder included the reference as a tease for Man of Steel 2.

By far the batman reference made in Man of Steel has come true in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While most of the Brianiac vs Superman theory for Man of Steel 2 has been shot down, is it possibly that DCEU and Zack Snyder had or has plans for directing a sequel for Man of Steel?

If the reference turns out to be a true indicator of a sequel, a fight between Brianic and Superman wouldn’t be contained to the city of metropolis. It would probably involve Gotham City and the rest of the world.

It’s clearly too early to speculate it any further. Moreover, we’ll have to wait for DCEU and Snyder’s official comment on the reference.  For now, you can check out the feed below and be the judge of it.

In MAN OF STEEL, Brainiac created all of the Kryptonian technology, including the world engine. See his insignia on the bottom side. from DC_Cinematic

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  • Derek Evans

    If it took you this long to spot this you are extremely slow…it was also in Batman v Superman, but I’m not gonna tell you where. I look forward to finding out in another 3 to 4 years!

  • Samuel John

    Communion deleted scene from BvS which teases Braniac Insignia as well