Zac Penton: Photos Of Man Who Tweeted About Murder Before Killing His Roommate

Zac Penton: Photos Of Man Who Tweeted About Murder Before Killing His Roommate
Zac Penton Twitter

Zac Penton is a criminal unlike any other. He tweeted about murdering his roommates before he actually killed one of them.


“I need to move out of my place before I viciously murder my roommates,” declared Penton back in August 19. Two days later, his roommate, Daniel Garofalo, ended up dead in a home near Chandler Heights and Higley roads.

According to report from ABC 15, Penton, 21, called the police on Sunday to inform them that he had shot his roommate, 41-year-old Garofalo. They two reportedly had an altercation. According to Penton, he shot his roommate because he feared for his safety.

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Gilbert Police Department said that while they are not able to confirm Penton’s story, they shall be “looking into the possibility.” During the argument between the two, Garofalo also told Penton to move out. It is unclear if this was the motive for the shooting.

Based on his past tweets, it seems that Penton was a gun advocate. Back in June 12, he declared, “I need more guns.”

It is unclear how many firearms Penton possessed. The following day, heremarked, “My friends would rather go raiding on World of Warcraft than go shooting with me smh.”

Later in July, he tweeted, “If it says no guns allowed on the front door I ain’t going in.”

And just days before he shot his roommate, he also tweeted, “I need 2 boxes of 9mm stat.”

It is not clear what kind of firearm Penton used to kill Garofalo.

When officers arrived to Penton’s home on Sunday, Garofalo was pronounced dead. Meanwhile, Penton was taken into custody without incident. He is currently being held on suspicion of second-degree murder with a bond set at $750,000. Penton’s will have his initial court appearance on Monday.

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