Zac Efron, Simon Biles Flirting: Fans React!

Zac Efron, Simon Biles Flirting: Fans React!
Photo Credit: Ivo Duran via Compfight cc
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Simone Biles is living her dream with first winning gold at Rio Olympics 2016 Women’s Gymnastics and now flirting back and forth with Zac Efron on Twitter!


Team USA is making their country proud at Rio Olympics 2016 and Simone Biles is one of the stars who are shining bright, after winning a gold medal in the Women’s Gymnastics Finals.

Apart from getting to stand on the highest podium on the Olympic stage and receiving a gold medal, Simone also got a bonus prize of having her longtime celeb crush, Zac Efron, reaching out to her on Twitter to congratulate her for the incredible victory.

It all started when Simone walked into Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and talked about having a crush on Zac Efron and how she has had his life-size cutout since her teenage years.

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On being asked by Ellen: “Is it just ’cause he’s gorgeous, is that why you like him?” Simone replied abashedly, “Yes!”, reports NBC New York.

Ellen had even gifted her a leotard with Zac’s face printed all over the garment, which a blushing Simone later Twitter a pic of, with the question: “CAN I PLS PLS WEAR MY ZAC EFRON LEO TO P&G’s@ZacEfron thanks @TheEllenShow for having me!”

As Ellen had predicted at the end of her chat with Simone, Zac did notice Simone’s efforts to reach out to her. He quickly hopped on Twitter and gave a shout out to Simone Biles on making into the finals of Rio Olympics 2016, reports Just Jared.

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Simone replied that she hoped that Zac would take out the time to watch her Live in the Finals. Simone also admitted in an interview with Gosk that she used to “kiss him (the life-size cutout) on the cheek” sometimes!

Zac posted a picture of him standing in front of his television, which was broadcasting the Rio Olympics Live, with his hands folded into a heart, as his response to Simone’s wish.

He titled the picture “Of course I’m watching the #FinalFive dominate the floor!”

Fans have flown into a frenzy showering the two with lots of love. “@ZacEfron @Simone_Biles !!!! Simone, are you dead???” wrote one user, while another wrote, “@ZacEfron @Simone_Biles SIMONE. Look who he is standing closest to, where his HEART IS! #Zimone ;)”

Is #Zimone going to turn into something more than just flirtatious exchange? Leave your comments below!

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