YouTube Gaming Could Be A Challenge For Twitch

YouTube Gaming Could Be A Challenge For Twitch
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Google has launched a new games-centric site known as YouTube Gaming on Wednesday. The new live-stream gaming site by Google comes as a direct competitor to other renowned gaming sites like Twitch and DailyMotion.


YouTube Gaming is introduced with the aim to break the monopoly of Twitch in live-stream video gaming. As a matter of fact it was expected that Google would buy Twitch when it was up for sale last year; Amazon got hold of Twitch for $970 million. Google has since been working on YouTube at full swing, enhancing its capabilities to upload gaming videos at a pace of sixty frames per second, according to Wired.

Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s head of gaming, told the BBC,”We wanted to create a one-stop shop for all gaming content.” Wyatt also added that “At the moment there is a fragmented experience. People go to different places for live content and YouTube for video on demand. We have amazing gamers that don’t live stream yet. Now they have that opportunity.”

YouTube Gaming, though resembles Twitch, is reportedly better than the latter gaming site. It provides a clean, smooth and more pleasant experience to gamers than Twitch. Though the site has a dense interface it is very responsive and the steam-reminiscent charcoal look gives an “at home” feel for the users.

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“We’re not treating gaming any differently on YouTube. The app is a lens for gaming content, the key thing is discoverability,” said Wyatt. “This is a way to focus on gaming videos, aggregate them, but YouTube doesn’t change. You can still watch gaming videos on YouTube.”

Meanwhile, Steve Bailey, games analyst at IHS Technology, said that there exists some tension for YouTube over copyright claims. He also noted that some game developers accepted YouTube Gaming as a positive push whereas it was quite a problem for those who felt the other way.

Bailey said that “Gaming is a specialist topic but YouTube is a generalist outlet. Establishing a new platform means it can skew the features to better suit gamers.”

“Competitors such as Daily Motion and Twitch will continue to emerge and YouTube has to keep up,” added Bailey, reported BBC.