YouTube is Experimenting with a Cleaner Material Design; Exclusive Access Code Cracked!

YouTube is Experimenting with a Cleaner Material Design; Exclusive Access Code Cracked!
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There may be a big appearance change coming for YouTube. Even though it is still in the initial testing phase, Google is thinking about implementing a cleaner material design for the site.


YouTube has hardly seen any major changes in its basic design structure, choosing to stick to its classic look that has worked well so far for users. However, very recently, a commentator on Reddit Forum happened to come upon a version of YouTube unseen and unheard of before. The commentator has since gone on to direct everyone’s attention to this unexpected fact.

According to Engadget, the effort to renovate the age-old classic design that YouTube is recognized for, can be in line with the latest versions of Chrome OS and Android Marshmallow. However, the design has still not been officially executed on YouTube and is still hidden from the world at large. However, one can apparently access the design, not from YouTube itself, but from Google Chrome browser by means of its developer tools. One needs to sign out of their personal Google account first or use a separate incognito window before starting the process of accessing the new design.

So how does the new YouTube design fare in comparison to its older version? Well, The Verge reports that focus has been given heavily on iconography and developing the visual details. The process of signing in and uploading videos have gone through some pretty prominent changes. However, the YouTube video player itself is more or less the same as its former appearance, as is the pattern of the content layout.

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There is also definitely a greater pop of color, larger logo and easy navigation on the channels. However, since nothing has been officially declared and this version of YouTube is still in its experimental phase, there is no telling when or if at all Google will go forward with this new design.

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