Younger Spider-Man Joins Avengers In Captain America: Civil War

Younger Spider-Man Joins Avengers In Captain America: Civil War
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Yes, we already know that Spider-Man will be getting into the MCU starting with Captain America: Civil War. How exactly he will be placed into the story is something we are all interested to see.


According to rumors, the Spidey getting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a younger teenager played by Tom Holland, not the real Peter Parker who has full control over his powers.

The role of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War is most expected to be precised. However, how exactly will he get on with the Avengers? As reported, it is none other than Tony Stark who does the recruitment of this new member of the team.

The source also says that Peter Parker has been idolizing the Iron Man before he acquired his special powers. As Stark himself proposes the offer, it is nothing less than a dream come true for Peter.

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Previously, Peter Parker was expected to play only a cameo in Captain America: Civil War. Now, it seems that the character might get more scenes as well. Many scenes with Spider-Man have already been shot, and he has been on the shoot for more time than expected “for a cameo.” So now it is expected that Spidey will not only swing around in the Civil War but will also have something more to say than a one-liner.

According to the original comic story of Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man starts with Iron Man, but after he comes to know about the dark secrets of the preregistration, he switches to the other side. It is expected from the basic story and also from earlier rumors that Spider-Man will start with Iron Man; but whether he will switch sides like in the comics is something yet to be known.

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