‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Happening: Negotiations For Renewal Ongoing?

‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Happening: Negotiations For Renewal Ongoing?
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Cartoon Network’s “Young Justice” was considered to one of the finest animated DC series to run on air after “Justice League.” However, after two seasons the show was unfortunately cancelled by its network.


Fans were puzzled as “Young Justice” had a good fan following and was highly appreciated by Comic Book critics as well. Surprisingly, it has been recently revealed by a source that the show wasn’t renewed due to decreasing toy sales of the character from the series.

The source from reddit revealed that “Young Justice” Series writer Peter David revealed to him the information at Connecticut’s TerrificCon Comic-con. The redditor also said that Peter David told him, “After seeing the large increase of views [Young Justice] on Netflix, Netflix approached him for a 3rd season not long ago, he’s hoping for even more seasons after that.”

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While fans have been excited about the recent reveal, “Young Justice” Creator disappointed us with his follow-up. Greg Weisman tweeted that Peter David “was atleast somewhat misquoted” and said that “he’s not a part of any negotiations”.  Furthermore, Peter David himself also tweeted that it was “a total misquote” and it’s currently it’s just a “wishful thinking at this point.” Check out the tweets below.

While the show creator and writer have stated that there have been talks underway with Netflix, the reddit source is still suggesting, “He told me he met with Netflix.” According to Cosmic Book News.

In 2010, “Young Justice” ran for two seasons on Cartoon Network. But the animated series was later cancelled in 2013. Currently, Netflix has not commented on the recent reveal. Previously, Weisman suggested the audience to watch “Young Justice” on Netflix to increase its chances of getting greenlit for season 3.

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