You Can Now Text In The Rain With Ease, Thanks To The PhoneBrella

You Can Now Text In The Rain With Ease, Thanks To The PhoneBrella
Screengrab from kt design / YouTube
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What's This?

Don’t you just hate it when you are walking in the rain and then all of a sudden, you have to reply to a text message or even an email?


Well, thanks to the PhoneBrella, you can do that and more on your smartphone with ease. In fact, you may even forget that you are holding an umbrella at all.

Four friends thought about coming up with the PhoneBrella in college

The Korean company behind the revolutionary PhoneBrella is JTJM & Co. They have come to realize that texting while walking in the rain can be quite a challenge. So four friends in college started working on a solution to this problem back in 2011, in collaboration with kt design. A lot of trial and errors then led to a product they have named the PhoneBrella.

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The PhoneBrella is unique in such a way that instead of the usual umbrella handle, you get a hook that slides through your lower arm. You can then let the umbrella rest on your shoulder for added support so that you can send text messages on your smartphone comfortably, or even check emails, play games and read the news.

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The PhoneBrella makes for a fashionable modern accessory

The PhoneBrella is very fashionable and it makes for a great accessory for the modern man and woman. You can see for yourself in this PhoneBrella ad. As for colors, you can choose to own a PhoneBrella in Classic Gray, Smoky Gray, Blossom Red, Royal Red as well as Chic Black. For Mother’s Day last year, the company also announced that they were offering a PhoneBrella in pink.

The price of a PhoneBrella is around $35.