You Can Now Make Airbnb Bookings Using The Apple Watch

You Can Now Make Airbnb Bookings Using The Apple Watch
APPLE WATCH – APPLE PAY Shinya Suzuki / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Airbnb, one of the rental services that assist instant home and apartment bookings, have updated its apps compatible for the Apple Watch.


The Airbnb app version 15.35 is designed exclusively for Apple wearables that help guests make reservations quicker than ever. With the help of this app the hosts and guests can send messages to each other as well, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

When guests make new bookings using the Airbnb app, the host will receive notifications on bookings immediately. The host will also receive the guest’s name, dates blocked and the traveller’s photo and personal message on the watch itself.  The host can respond immediately to the notification through the watch as well as create and save replies.

Airbnb noted that “The Airbnb Apple Watch app was not designed to replace or mirror the main iOS app. It is a messaging hub – a means to help hosts respond to their guests more quickly, and for guests to get notified of important events. With rich, interactive notifications, hosts can accept a booking request right from their wrist.”

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Isaac Lim noted in the Airbnb official blog that the idea involved in developing an app compatible for a device as small as a watch was to “simplify” it. He said that the developers stopped trying to port the iOS app and instead started from the scratch. He also noted that their main aim was to make the app suitable for providing users a seamless “messaging experience.”

The company summarized that “The Watch app began as a pet project, and it slowly evolved into a first-class citizen of the Airbnb mobile experience, something the whole team is very proud of. Moving forward, we hope that the focus, discipline, and attention to detail we put into creating this app would not only inspire other developers to do the same, but also motivate ourselves as we continue to improve the Airbnb experience.”