Yoochun Rape Case To Proceed With DNA Evidence Even If Lawsuits Drop; Micky In For More Trouble?

Yoochun Rape Case To Proceed With DNA Evidence Even If Lawsuits Drop; Micky In For More Trouble?
Yoochun at “Birth of actor, Park Yoochun” open talk at BIFF, 3 October 2014 Bonjour Lavender CC BY 4.0
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The KPOP industry was shocked following sexual assault allegations against Park Yoochun. While there were only two accounts before, the number continues to rise now at four, with more evidence surfacing. Is this the end of Park Yoochun’s career?


New Male DNA Evidence Found

It takes years to build a reputation and only a few mistakes to crumble it down. The same thing may be happening for Park Yoochun. The former member of Dong Bang Shin Ki is now in the middle of a sexual assault scandal not just for one for four accounts. It may even take a turn for the worse as the police revealed they found male DNA from one of the sexual assault victims.

According to a report from All Kpop, the National Forensic Service examined the underwear of one of the four alleged sexual assault victims and found male DNA. However, it is not clear whether such evidence could incriminate Yoochun.

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Should the DNA be Yoochun’s, the police can go further to figure out the extent of the celebrity’s involvement. However, police clarified that the investigation would also take a look at whether the case is sexual assault or possible prostitution.

Yoochun Could Still be Charged Guilty

However, another report from the website All Kpop said that the police could still hold Yoochun guilty even if all of the victims drop their sexual assault claims. However, it may take a while to get a conviction, because the incidents supposedly happened within a span of six months to two years, making it difficult for authorities to gather evidence just as fast.

Yoochun is expected to submit his own legal argument against the cases, claiming he is innocent.

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