Xiaomi & Meizu Find Foothold, US Mobile Imports Two Devices

Xiaomi & Meizu Find Foothold, US Mobile Imports Two Devices
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Speculations are running wild that Xiaomi will enter the U.S. market. This week, the Chinese tech giant got the chance to make its presence felt in foreign lands when U.S. Mobile decided to import Xiaomi and Meizu phones for its U.S. consumers.


US Mobile is the mobile virtual network operator that uses T-Mobile’s network and is expected to provide service, sell and support a few Xiaomi and Meizu phones. However, it should be noted that US Mobile is not authorized to optimize or sell these phones for U.S. customers.

As a result, the phones will not have support for LTE network like other official authorized brands in the region. In addition to this, certain apps and services won’t function in the U.S. Those features are tailor-made only for the Chinese market, reports PC Mag. This is why you will not find Xiaomi and Meizu devices listed on US Mobile’s product page website.

The Verge states, “Xioami only offers a small selection of accessories for sale in the US through Mi.com. there are no plans to sell smartphones through any authorized distributors in the US. US Mobile is not authorized to sell Xiaomi products in the US.”

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Reports suggest that US Mobile, which is selling Xiaomi Redmi 2, Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi 4 and Meizu Note 2, promises only a few supported specs in the foreign land. However, the price is commendable which ranges between $119 and $219. Although US Mobile assures the best support and services for the phones, the operator suggests fans to wait for more time until any official announcement is made by Meizu and Xioami.

US Mobile’s records suggest that the virtual network operator functions by leasing services from T-Mobile’s network on a no-contract, prepaid basis, reports CNBC. Rates run as low as $25 a month for 2.5GB of data and $7 for unlimited texting, specified by US Mobile’s website.

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