Xbox One S Release: First Impressions, 4K Touch, Excellent Upgrade For Fans

Xbox One S Release: First Impressions, 4K Touch, Excellent Upgrade For Fans
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There is a question of whether someone really needs a super advanced gaming console. While the answer is no, most people will want one, especially after they see Xbox One S. With its latest upgrade, there has been a consensus that Microsoft delivered an amazing device. Is the XBox One S really worth the switch?


Xbox One S Release

Microsoft is getting busy with its console lineup as the company announced a more powerful Xbox through the nebulous Project Scorpio. According to Polygon, Microsoft admits that the Xbox One S is different from the Xbox people own today. Nonetheless, the new system’s GPU and some of its onboard RAM have much higher clock rates. In fact, the report noted that as per Digital Foundry’s conclusion, the rate offers 7 to 11 percent performance boost for a number of games.

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“The Xbox One S is, as I said above, quieter than the Xbox One. It’s a nice looking console, and practically speaking, takes a lot less space, and it stands on its side. Technically speaking, the wifi is much better, HDMI-CEC is now feels properly supported for the first time in my experience with the standard, and the new controller is great,” according to the review.

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Xbox One S Problems

The Guardian agrees that the Xbox One S is, in fact, a beautiful upgrade, although it seems to target 4K fans only. Another problem the report noted is that there is not much content out there for the console yet, or at least the number of games with HDR is limited, until perhaps later in the year, once the Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 are launched.

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