Xbox One Games With Gold: September 2016 Lineup Includes Forza Horizon, A New Backwards-Compatible Game

Xbox One Games With Gold: September 2016 Lineup Includes Forza Horizon, A New Backwards-Compatible Game
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After Microsoft announced their Xbox One Games with Gold September 2016 lineup, it seems the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility will receive new titles. However unlike previous titles who were released right after their announcement, gamers will have to be patient with these latest additions.


The lineup consists of Forza Horizon, Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, and Mirror’s Edge.

The announcement was made by the Tech Giant on Wednesday. Along with it comes news that Xbox 360 exclusive title Forza Horizon, will finally be available for the Xbox One. The game will join the sprawling list of over 200 backwards-compatible games currently available for the Xbox One.

Free Games From The Xbox One Games With Gold

According to Express, the game will be made backwards-compatible come September. And the best part is due to it being part of Xbox One Games with Gold, it’s absolutely FREE!

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Step into the driver’s seat and unlock over 300 cars this open world street racer. The racing simulator will be free for Xbox Live Gold members starting from September 1 up to September 15.

Mirror’s Edge will then be made available on the latter half of the month from September 16 to September 30. Join a revolution in style with this first-person action-adventure/ parkour free-running sim.

The generous announcement comes after Call of Duty 2 was made backwards-compatible. The World War 2 shooter received some major performance upgrades to make it Xbox One-worthy.

According to Eurogamer, Call of Duty 2 still retains its original 720p resolution and currently runs on a 30fps frame rate. The goal is to have it run at 60 fps which we’ll probably see soon as Microsoft is currently hard at work on it.

Details regarding when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be made backwards compatible are still scarce. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare won’t be getting shipped anytime soon as a reboot is currently in the works for the latest-gen consoles.

For now gamers will have to enjoy the freebies from Xbox One Games with Gold this September. It seems Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ philanthropic ways are even reaching the company’s gaming department.

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