Xbox One Elite In Stores November 3

Xbox One Elite In Stores November 3

Microsoft’s new product Xbox One Elite will be compatible with Windows 10. Is Microsoft working towards changing the face of gaming? Or is the company just working towards promoting and boosting the sale of its own products?

After news of Apple planning to launch laptops specially designed for gaming, gamers have another reason to celebrate as Xbox is bringing an improved gaming device – Xbox One Elite. Microsoft has announced that this new gaming device would go on sale this November. The not-so-good news is that this console will not be available at all stores. You can buy the Xbox One Elite only at Microsoft Store or at GameStop.


What’s so special about Xbox One Elite?

Microsoft claims that with Xbox One Elite, players can boot up their console 20% faster from energy-saving mode. The most talked about part of this console is its drive. This device will include a Solid State Hybrid Device which will be able to store files that are frequently accessed on a solid state partition. The console is supposed to come with swappable parts which are rumored to be out by October 2015. The only thing to keep in mind is these parts will cost you $149.99.

Xbox One Elite to improve your gaming experience?

The 1 TB hard drive of Xbox One Elite consists of:

i. a rotating hard drive
ii. flash memory “cache”

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These two features will help the system load your games 20% faster than your current speed. Microsoft has not confirmed the size of the flash cache, but experts suspect that it can be somewhere around 8GB. Another good news is that the wireless controller of this device is compatible with desktops as well. You can play games on Windows 10. A smart move by Microsoft, we must say!

Some of the notable features of Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller:

1. Features hair trigger locks and interchangeable paddles
2. Adjustable trigger’s maximum and minimum values
3. Button assignments
4. Thumbstick sensitivity

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Looks like Microsoft is working towards changing the face of gaming. And we are eagerly waiting for the change!