Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: ‘Interpol’ Added To List, 210 Xbox 360 Games Now Playable On Latest-Gen Console

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: ‘Interpol’ Added To List, 210 Xbox 360 Games Now Playable On Latest-Gen Console
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Microsoft recently updated its Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program with the addition of Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos. The strategy puzzle game was initially released for Xbox 360 in 2009.


In Interpol, players search for specific items from a scene brimming with all sorts of distractions. Budding detectives will travel to various cities around the world to try and capture Dr. Chaos, one puzzle at a time.

“As an elite Interpol agent, it is your mission to hunt down the evil Dr. Chaos,” the game’s official description reads, via Daily Express. “Gather hidden clues in this exciting seek and find game as it takes you around the world investigating elaborate crime scenes and clever mini-games.”

According GameSpot, players can use hints to help them locate items faster. However, they should think twice before pressing the hint button, as Interpol rewards players for not using hints while finishing levels at a timely manner.

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Tapping the X button transforms the cursor into a magnifying glass. If players still can’t find certain items, they can resort to the “clicking random areas and hope for the best” strategy. This approach only works at slower paces as button mashing will result in a time penalty.

Those who already have physical copies of the Xbox 360 classic can now start playing it on Xbox One. For those who haven’t, Interpol can be purchased on Microsoft Store for $5. Xbox One owners who are conscious about their hard disk space will be glad to know that Interpol only weighs 886.05 MB.

In other Xbox One news, Microsoft announced six Xbox 360 games that will be added to the Xbox One backwards-compatibility library soon. The Redmond tech giant also stated that Tumblestone will be a free download for Xbox One Gold subscribers starting Saturday, July 16.

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