Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Halo Reach Now Playable On Microsoft’s Latest-Gen Console

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Halo Reach Now Playable On Microsoft’s Latest-Gen Console
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Microsoft has a released a new patch for Halo Reach backwards compatibility on Xbox One. The software update improves the game’s overall performance on Microsoft’s current-gen console.


Halo Reach first released on Xbox 360 in September 2010. It is the sixth installment in the popular first-person shooter franchise. It holds the distinction of being the only prequel in the Halo series.

The game entered the Xbox One backwards compatibility program in December 2015. Instead of commending Bungie and Microsoft for the inclusion, fans slammed the developer and publisher for the game’s sluggish performance on Xbox One.

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The patch provides a more consistent 30 frames per second display. Colors and textures are noticeably richer this time around, as per VG Tech’s performance comparison.

“The new update that released today (October 8th for those interested) has not only 100% fixed the framerate, but visually the game’s now A LOT crisper,” user TRITONK175 posted on the official Halo forums page. “The colours, to my eye anyway, seem more vibrant and ‘pop out’ more, even compared to the 360 version!!!”

Xbox One users need to clear at least 1 GB of hard disk space to download and apply the patch. Bungie and Microsoft have yet to announce the full changelog of the software update.

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In Halo Reach, players assume the role of Noble Six, a new member of the Noble Team. The squad of super soldiers is thrust into action when the human world Reach is attacked by alien invaders known as the Covenant.

The game’s campaign can be played alone or cooperatively. Armor abilities are reusable until players decide to replace them at certain points during the game. Some of the abilities include active camouflage, drop shield, hologram, armor lock and jetpack.

Game reviewer Chris Watters gave Halo Reach a 9.5 out of 10 rating. He applauded the game for its coherent story-telling and extensive customization options.

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