Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Blue Dragon Added To List; How About Bioshock Trilogy & Skate 3?

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Blue Dragon Added To List; How About Bioshock Trilogy & Skate 3?
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The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is just getting bigger and bigger as Microsoft reveals new Xbox 360 games project this month. The latest to be added is Blue Dragon which was confirmed, sort of, by the gaming head honcho Phil Spencer.


The Xbox 360 role-playing game from a decade ago will be given a new life in the latest-gen console. The news comes after a fan asked a straightforward question to the company, only to receive a not-so-straightforward answer.

According to Gamespot, Spencer himself replied to the fan confirming that Blue Dragon is indeed being worked on for the Xbox One backwards compatibility. But not before saying that he is not allowed to say it.

The game was developed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker. It served as Mistwalker’s debut title as well as the first title by Sakaguchi outside of Square Enix.

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Spencer also refrained from divulging any more details regarding the game other than the fact that it’s coming. Since its introduction in May, there are currently more than 200 Xbox 360 titles playable on the Xbox One.

According to Express, for those waiting to see their games make the journey from the Xbox 360, patience is key. Or you can learn from this brave fan’s example and ask the company itself and by the gods hope that Spencer himself replies.

Blue Dragon has made it despite having just over 11,000 votes at the official Xbox feedback site. So there’s a good chance games like Skate 3 and the Bioshock trilogy will be on the works soon.

Bioshock, especially, seeing that the first game of trilogy raked up awards upon its release. We’ll just have to wait for more announcement regarding the Xbox One backwards compatibility, so hold on to those old game discs guys.

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