Xbox One Backwards Compability: Bloodforge, Gripshift, Two More Added to List But Still No Red Dead Redemption in Sight

Xbox One Backwards Compability: Bloodforge, Gripshift, Two More Added to List But Still No Red Dead Redemption in Sight
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Microsoft has added four more games to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program. The latest additions bring the total number of backwards-compatible games to 213.


Earlier this week, Xbox marketing chief Mike Nichols said the Xbox One backwards compatibility has garnered overwhelming success since its release in November 2015.

Xbox One gamers have now spent over 100 million combined hours playing backwards-compatible games. That figure is expected to swell even more this weekend with the arrival of Mars: War Logs, GripShift, Bloodforge and Go! Go! Break Steady.

Mars: War Logs

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Neowin described Mars: War Logs as an intense cyberpunk role-playing game driven by an epic space-faring story. Players take on the role of Roy Temperance, an ex-convict who find himself caught between warring factions. He must utilize an assortment of skills and melee attacks to combat various creatures from the deepest and darkest regions of Mars.


Sidhe Interactive’s 2005 classic GripShift is a vertigo-inducing racing game, where players stunt drive their way through insane and twisted tracks. The game has a total of 25 Race Mode tracks and 20 Deathmatch arenas. Needless to say, the game requires a great deal of gripping and shifting.


Bloodforge is a third-person hack and slash video game developed by both Climax Studios and Microsoft Studios. It follows the story of Crom, a powerful and enigmatic barbarian who seeks vengeance for the death of his wife Alena. Crom wages war against the Celtic Gods who he blames for his tragic loss. IGN said the game is an average gore-fest with impressive graphics and a unique visual style.

Go! Go! Break Steady

This break-dancing puzzle game was released in 2008 and became an instant hit among button mashers everywhere. Sequences of button icons move from different angles of the screen towards a target. Players score points by tapping the appropriate button icons as soon as they enter the target. 1UP gave the game a B+ and called it “an unexpected visual delight.”

The aforementioned games are dandy and all, but Xbox One gamers still felt disappointed that the latest batch did not include Red Dead Redemption. Microsoft hasn’t given any word yet on whether or not the game would ever be playable on the Xbox One. On the bright side, at least there are fervent rumors about a sequel currently in the works.

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