X-Rated Video Of Internet Teen Carter Reynolds Leaked; Account Was ‘Hacked’

X-Rated Video Of Internet Teen Carter Reynolds Leaked; Account Was ‘Hacked’
Social Media apps Jason Howie / Flickr CC BY 2.0

After an X-rated video of a Vine star with more than four million followers was leaked, he became the number one trend on Twitter internationally, sending social media into frenzy.


Carter Reynolds, the 19-year-old famous Internet Teen™ with millions of followers on social media platforms like Vine, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, along with his ex-girlfriend and Instagram star Maggie Lindemann feature in a video showing Reynolds naked from his waist down.

While Maggie is fully clothed, Carter’s genitals are visible in the video. He asks Maggie to “do it” and “just pretend [the camera] isn’t there.”

To this, Maggie replies, “I don’t think I can” and that “I am really uncomfortable.”

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According to Irish Independent, Carter and Maggie recently ended their relationship because, as Maggie claims, Cater “makes me feel like sh*t.”

She tweeted, saying, “I dumped him because he yells at me if I don’t do what he wants, or if I do anything he doesn’t like.

“He tells me to STFU and doesn’t let me do stuff…gets mad if I want to hang out with friends.”

Carter, in response to the leaked video, announced that his Twitter account was hacked and that he’s “going to explain everything.”

16-year-old Maggie comes from Texas, where the minimum age of consent is 14 years for couples where the older person is also less than 17 years in age.

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