X-Files Revival Spoilers: Mulder-Scully Son William Introduced

X-Files Revival Spoilers: Mulder-Scully Son William Introduced
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“X-Files” will have a six-episode revival this January 2016, and the preview spiked up several spoilers on what to expect for Mulder and Scully after all these years. One of the highlights of the said trailer is their son, William, and that of the Lone Gunmen. What angle will the revival showcase this time around?


“The X-Files: Re-Opened” was featured and the trailer has fans focused on what to expect now that Mulder and Scully’s son is joining the cast. William, the love child of both X-Files agents, will be allegedly featured but may receive a darker fate in the upcoming episodes. The trailer shows that Mulder and Scully may not be as romantic as fans would expect, which could mean that William may be a product of a failed marriage.

Furthermore, the trailer also shows that the Lone Gunmen is back for more action, reported TV Line.

In other news, Entertainment Weekly also reports that the behind-the-scenes segment “The X-Files Re-Opened” shows that there will be new interactions with the universe as well as more mysteries to solve.

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According to David Duchovny, the actor who plays Mulder, “We want to satisfy the mythology of it and then there’s going to be stand-alones and of those stand-alones there’s going to be one that’s funnier than the others.”

Additionally, the revival episodes will also showcase the acting talents of Robbie Amel of “The Flash,” Lauren Ambrose of “Six Feet Under,” Annabeth Gish of “The Bridge,” Annet Mahendru of “The Americans,” Kumail Nanjiani of “Silicon Valley,” and William B. Davis who will play the “Cigarette Smoking Man.”

“X Files” will be featured in Fox this coming January 24, 2016 to show that Mulder and Scully’s relationship is on the rocks despite the presence of their son, William, the revival of Lone Gunmen, and new characters joining the cast.