X Factor Louisa Johnson’s Win A Set-Up?

X Factor Louisa Johnson’s Win A Set-Up?
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Throughout the years, the X Factor series has been under scrutiny as to how results of the big winner are always tampered with, especially when Simon Cowell covers his mouth after a commercial break.


For this season’s most diverse finale in the X Factor series, Reggie ‘N’ Bollie and Louisa Johnson were both made to sing the same song by Bob Dylan entitled “Forever Young,” despite their apparent vocal talents. Were the results supposed to favor Johnson? Was everything a fix?

“X Factor” had been in trouble with regards to ratings as the production could not manage more than seven million viewers, the smallest of ranks since the series was introduced onscreen. However, during Sunday night’s finale, the ranks went up as two of the music industry’s heavyweights, Adele and One Direction, were set to perform prior to the big winner reveal.

As reported by Telegraph, Simon Cowell was very pleased that “X Factor” was able to gain 9.7 million viewers for its finale. Following which, statistics as to the voting ranks for each contestant were also released which showed a topsy-turvy voting inconsistency of the big winner’s votes: Louisa Johnson was constantly beaten by Reggie ‘N’ Bollie for several weeks leading up to the finale. Yet the results were in Johnson’s favor. Did the ranks suddenly skyrocket on the last day of the season, or was there a fix as to who Cowell wanted to win? Was this due to the sudden increase in viewers and voters, or was Johnson deemed the more suitable champion by the production despite the votes?

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The finale results of “X Factor” had been under scrutiny ever since its first season, reported The Guardian. This was due to the fact that the production gets included in previews while results are being arranged, Simon Cowell covers his mouth when commercials finish, and that at times, recap of the contestants’ performances usually takes a little longer during the finale episodes. For this season, it was shown in through the voting results that Johnson dominated the ranks for the first weeks of the season but was eventually beaten by Reggie ‘N’ Bollie for two consecutive weeks prior to the finale. Miraculously, she dominated the results.

Knowing that Cowell is that type of judge who favors those who are vocal powerhouses, was the winner judged based on her singing, and not on the voting results?

One thing’s for sure. Adele favored Louisa Johnson to win the X Factor. Furthermore, Simon Cowell also recognized her abilities. However, despite the fact that she dominated the vocals over Reggie ‘N’ Bollie, the latter won the first two weeks of votes prior to the finale. Was Johnson prearranged to win after all? Were the viewers’ votes irrelevant in the results? You be the judge.