WWE: ‘Vince McMahon Is Better Than Dana White’ – Brock Lesnar

WWE: ‘Vince McMahon Is Better Than Dana White’ – Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar at Raw, Miami, 2 April 2012 Ed Webster / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Brock Lesnar, who is set to face off the Undertaker in a huge contest at this weekend’s SummerSlam pay-per-view in Brooklyn, was asked about his relationships with the frontrunners of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Dana White and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Vince McMahon at a SportsCenter interview on Tuesday.


“The business model is the same [for UFC and WWE],” Lesnar said. “It’s identical, and I think Vince McMahon is better at it than Dana. And that might rub Dana the wrong way.”

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‘It is a stages arena’

When asked about White’s assertion that pro wrestling was “fake [expletive]” in a Twitter exchange with Seth Rollins, Lesnar said, “Of course, Dana, it’s fake.

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“Everybody knows that. You are promoting the same thing we’re promoting: Dana White is promoting fights. We’re promoting fights. It just so happens that we get a little more longevity out of our fights and our fighters, because of the circumstances.

“It is a staged arena. Everyone knows that and if you can’t turn WWE on Monday night and get something out of that show and be entertained, then there’s something wrong with you.”

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According to Denver Post, Lesnar was on ESPN to promote Sunday’s SummerSlam. The event is one of the Big 4 pay-per-views, which also include WrestleMania, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble.

Lesnar’s match with the Undertaker is the rematch of their WestleMania 30 contest, wherein Lesnar defeated the Undertaker and ended the latter’s an undefeated streak at the major wrestling event.

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