WWE Sasha Banks: Injury Causes Early Retirement?

WWE Sasha Banks: Injury Causes Early Retirement?
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Former WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks will be absent from the ring for some time after suffering a lower back injury. However, the good news for the WWE fans is that Banks will not need to undergo a surgery. Will this mean an early retirement?


According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Boss will not need a surgery for her injury, as it was feared earlier and this means she will be back to RAW only after a brief break.

Banks was a part of last year’s ‘Diva’s Revolution’ which gave her entry to WWE’s main roster. She managed to hold on to a strong fan base despite the soaring popularity of Charlotte and Becky Lynch, the Whatculture.com reported. However, Charlotte overpowered Banks at a triple threat match at SummerSlam.

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Sasha Banks returned to challenge Charlotte once again after a brief gap. The original decision of the company was to have Banks beat Charlotte at the SummerSlam championship. However, the company honchos decided to start off the new era of RAW with a bang and the belt was changed on the first-split episode of the show. However, Banks’ injury allowed Charlotte two-time champion.

The Heavy.com reported that Sasha Banks was suffering from the lower back pain from even before the match against Charlotte. Reportedly, her back injury is the reason behind why the decision to have her lose the title was made. Banks will reportedly undergo a full medical evaluation at the beginning of September.

Banks’ name was removed from all WWE event up to September 23 following the SummerSlam match. But the news that her injury is not that bad, fans can expect her to be back in form by September 25 at the ‘Clash of the Champions’ event.

Even though Banks suffered the lower back pain before the match against Charlotte, it is not clear whether the fight worsened the condition.

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