WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Removing Roman Reigns From Battleground 2016 Triple-Threat Match?

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Removing Roman Reigns From Battleground 2016 Triple-Threat Match?
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Vince McMahon is one person that hold a certain degree of patience. He has his limits and the word out right now is that he is terribly upset at Roman Reigns recent violation of the WWE’s Wellness policy.


All that happened three weeks ago and Reigns was meted a 30-day suspension. While he has shown remorse, many are questioning why the “Big Dog” continues to be in the main card of WWE Battleground.

The next pay-per-view will see Reigns getting it on with former “Shield” brothers Seth Rollins and reigning champion Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat match. That card was booked before the Reigns’ debacle.

With Reigns unable to appear on regular shows, many were pondering on how the WWE could make it all work. His non-appearance would make the match a bit odd though the WWE seems to have something planned.

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Will Vince McMahon Change The WWE Battleground Main Event?

Vince McMahon is expectedly upset at Reigns for the issue but no action has been taken. While there is still time to change the main card, all remains to be seen.

Ambrose and Rollins have been building momentum without Reigns, shaping up the PPV card as technically a one-on-one match. The WWE has always been known to rely on scripts so it will be interesting how the creative team will re-insert Reigns into the fray.

This is with the assumption that Reigns is still in it. Despite being given the obvious push, Reigns is not a Brock Lesnar who can take time off and then return when he wants to. Though there is a bit off a difference in their cases, add to the fact that Reigns failed to hit it well with the WWE universe.

If and once he returns, his absence is not expected to change the fact that WWE fans don’t see him as the future of the company. Could Vince be thinking the same right now after violating the WWE talent wellness policy?

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