WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Making Big Changes To Raw?

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Making Big Changes To Raw?
Vince McMahon Mark Hodgins/ Flickr cc
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WWE CEO Vince McMahon was reportedly upset in the decline of the Raw ratings, specifically last Sept. 27. This was the episode that showed when the Presidential Debate was aired though the top honcho could care less.


Compared to previous years, WWE Raw’s ratings has surprising declined though a lot of that may be on the storylines that the creative team has been struggling to make. Roman Reigns is no longer the guy to blame with the “Big Dog” relegated to the United States title against Rusev, Wrestlingnews.co reported.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are now the lead ticket for the Monday night brand but it seems that even the change at the helm has failed to arrest the show’s skid, Wrestling Observer reported. Is it time for Vince McMahon to take over and sit on the director’s chair?

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Will McMahon’s Tantrum Signal Changes?

Kevin Owens could see his title-reign cut short unless an interesting storyline comes up. His portrayal of a chubby “Seth Rollins” is not seen as a hit with the fans no matter how hard he tries. Even with Chris Jericho helping out, things aren’t as electric even with Owens as a heel.

Rollins stepping in doesn’t hold promise though the WWE will never know until they try. The fact is that there is something terribly off with Raw so changes could be for the better.

So It Wasn’t Roman Reigns’ Fault After All?

Seeing the ratings dip right now, all this has somehow justified that removal of Roman Reigns from the main cards is not the solution. If that is the case, what is bothering the WWE?

Recurring storylines and the predictability could be a reason meaning McMahon’s heat should be directed to the creative team. Raw lacks some flair and the new stars are simply not panning up compared to before.

Will heads roll soon? Only Vince McMahon knows.

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  • Ben Tarr

    Terribly written article.
    For starters, you COULDN’T care less…

  • G Rock

    this product will continue fade out as long as we keep getting the crap that is PG. Make this TV-14 again and actually make some good story lines