WWE Rumors: Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy Planned For WrestleMania 33?

WWE Rumors: Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy Planned For WrestleMania 33?
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Jeff Hardy’s contract with TNA will lapse in February and the high-flying wrestler’s fate has yet to be decided. “Brother Nero” is interested to return to the WWE but though Vince McMahon can make it sweeter if he books Hardy to a match with the Undertaker.


Jeff Hardy was speaking to Sports Illustrated recently where brother Matt Hardy was not too keen on a return. Being the big star in TNA right now, “Broken” is hesitant to make the jump and gamble joining the WWE.

Jeff Hardy Technically Careful With WWE Jump

A match with the Undertaker could be something though not a certainty. In fact, the WWE has yet to see the return of the “Dead Man”. Even if he were to return, the priority would likely be the current roster where the likes of John Cena are at the head of the pack.

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But then again, the WWE has seen the surprise returns of other stars and eventually book them to a short-noticed match at Wrestlemania. For Jeff Hardy to get that shot, he would have to pop up in WWE pay-per-views such as the Royal Rumble to build momentum.

The Undertaker Needs To Re-emerge First

Before figuring out the viability of an Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy match, the “Phenom” needs to make an appearance first. He is undrafted and could emerge on either Raw or SmackDown. He was last spotted with Shane McMahon at a local bar, a big indication that he may be headed to the blue brand soon.

Once that is established, the case of Jeff Hardy can be tackled. There is no credible indication that the daredevil will return (yet) to the WWE but McMahon and Triple H have been notorious when it comes to working on deals on the side.

Jeff Hardy is also taking a similar risk by making a jump but it seems to be in his nature to perform high-risk maneuvers, Cageside Seats reported.

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  • fashionvalley

    ah, another story of wishful thinking, face it, these writers don’t have a clue about WWE and who will actually be in the next Wrestlemania!

    Hulk, Cena, now Hardy, who’s next..another one of Vinnes relatives?

    Geez WWE writers, you NEED to do better than you’re doing..