WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Facing Either John Cena Or Kevin Owens At WrestleMania 2017

WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Facing Either John Cena Or Kevin Owens At WrestleMania 2017
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The Undertaker has yet to be seen but the good news is that he hasn’t officially retired. This means that he is likely to be around when Wrestlemania 33 happens though there is no word on who he will actually face.


Two names have cropped up – John Cena and Kevin Owens. Both are from different brands which all the more stirs up a lot of scenarios. Recall that Shane McMahon was spotted at a bar with the “Dead Man”, somehow indicating that the “Taker” will likely join SmackDown.

But his Wrestlemania 33 match may not fall on which brand he ends up with. There are cross-brand wars which gives Kevin Owens a shot. But the question is would that be a wise move?

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Kevin Owens Push May Lead To Undertaker Feud

Kevin Owens is the Universal champion and there is a chance that he puts the title on the line at Wrestlemania 33 against the Undertaker. With the “Dead Man” expected to hang it all up soon, he could be in for a short title-run.

His reign could be cut short but all this goes against the belief that Wrestlemania 33 would be the Undertaker’s last ride, ewrestlingnews.com reported. Hence, a match with John Cena could be more feasible.

Take Two With John Cena

Recall that plans for the Undertaker to meet John Cena was reportedly planned for Wrestlemania 32. The whole thing never materialized because Cena was injured. Shane McMahon instead faced the “Dead Man” for the rights to control Raw.

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The highlight of that was the death-defying drop of Shane-O-Mac with Undertaker keeping the win. With Cena healthy, those original plans seem better with the match likely the send-off which was rumored for Wrestlemania 32.

Whatever happens, the Undertaker is more than likely to be at Wrestlemania 33, the Wrestling Observer reported. But his actual opponent is a mystery, likely determined from upcoming WWE shows.

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  • fashionvalley

    WWE still relying on it’s oldest stars to pull in the crowd?

    Geez, they really need NEW ideas, I’d hate to think that ProWrestling is losing appeal..