WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens Rivalry Reaching New Heights?

WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens Rivalry Reaching New Heights?
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The new WWE universal champion will be known soon and two stars in the mix are Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. The two hold high chances of winning the freshly introduced belt, but there could be something more to that if their social media exchange is to be considered.


Apparently Rollins and Owens went at it recently as both tried to hype up their chances for this week’s Monday Night Raw. Aside from the two, Roman Reigns and Big Cass are the other two combatants.

Rollins is a heavy favorite heading into the match though seeing the “Architect” win it all may be too easy and predictable. Instead of coming away with the Universal title on Raw, it could be a new feud against Owens instead.

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Hype or things to come

Both Owens and Rollins believe that they will come out the champion and they have good reason to think so. They are former champions but most are rooting for the underdog – Big Cass.

Reigns could technically win it all but seeing that he has yet to get the good graces of the WWE universe, his title-run is nothing more than adding color. Instead, could we see some form of retribution like perhaps a Rusev attack?

One thing going for Kevin Owens is that he was reportedly set to be in a future storyline against Balor. With the “Demon King” out of commission, the WWE creative team had to improvise.

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A future tussle between Owens and Balor could be in the works though all that may not happen until the first quarter of 2017, the date when the first Universal champion is expected to be cleared to return.

Rollins or Owens wins the title, feud next?

Of course, either Owens or Rollins could win the title with some possible color tied up to behind it. It could be a miscalculated move wherein one costs the other – eventually turning into something personal.

Assuming it does happen, who ends up as the face and the heel in this one?

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