WWE Rumors: Sami Zayn Crashing Universal Title Showdown At ‘Clash Of The Champions’?

WWE Rumors: Sami Zayn Crashing Universal Title Showdown At ‘Clash Of The Champions’?
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The drama tied up to the Universal title continues this Monday on Raw with reigning champion Kevin Owens facing off against Roman Reigns. If the “Big Dog” wins, he gets a free ticket to WWE Clash of the Champions that will make it a Triple Threat match. The third combatant is Seth Rollins.


Owens has been busy defending the title at live events, ironically via Triple Threat matches. Rollins has been a regular opponent as well as Sami Zayn.

Everyone knows the history between Owens and Zayn dating back to their NXT days. Hence, it seems a bit surprising why he is not being inserted into the fray.

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Zayn to Make it a Fatal Four-Way?

As mentioned in a previous post, the WWE fans over in Manila loved Zayn. Rollins even left the ring on behalf of Zayn, an uncanny act considering the arrogance the “Architect” has been known for.

Just the same, there is no question that Zayn is a crowd-favorite and may be someone the fans would want for WWE Clash of the Champions. He is not in any major storyline though the coming weeks could alter the course of the main event for the said PPV.

Reigns will have his shot this Monday and will most likely make it. Could Zayn follow suit?

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Booking Zayn

If not after this Monday, there is still one more Raw episode happening on Sept. 19. WWE Clash of the Champions happens on Sept. 25 at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indiana meaning anything is still possible.

If so, that would make it a Fatal Four-Way, making it a whole lot interesting. It happened at WWE SummerSlam so why not book it again.

Triple H Appearing Again?

Assuming it does get done, it won’t be surprising if Triple H sticks his nose in their once again. This time however, he has more adversaries to handle in Rollins and Reigns.

The fact that Zayn and Owens are rivals makes all the sense to see them mix it up at WWE Clash of the Champions. Will the WWE creative team have consider such?

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