WWE Rumors: Rusev Pulls Roman Reigns From Another Ring Disaster

WWE Rumors: Rusev Pulls Roman Reigns From Another Ring Disaster
Roman Reigns Miguel Discart/ Flickr cc
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Roman Reigns will not crowd the main event at WWE Clash of the Champions after losing to Universal champion Kevin Owens at the Sept. 12 edition of WWE SmackDown. And he has Rusev to thank for that.


With the loss, he is officially scratched from the next pay-per-view though it may be for his own good. There is no question that Reigns has yet to gain the good fortune of the WWE universe. Being relegated to a United States title clash could be the best way to build his stock.

Unfinished business

Technically, Reigns has unfinished business with Rusev. Their match at WWE SummerSlam never really took place with “Big Dog” going berserk on the “Bulgarian Brute”. In all likelihood, the two will clash once more with the US title on the line.

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The demotion could be good in the sense that it allows Reigns to work on his craft. He has been criticized for allegedly not being able to wrestle and has obviously not improved on his story-telling talent.

Brutal showdown

One thing about Reigns and Rusev is that both are powerful and dangerous. SummerSlam provided a good glimpse of such and the same is expected the next time these two titans meet.

Rusev, an established heel, could somehow help build the face-type of a wrestler Reigns has failed to achieve. But the question now is for how long. The WWE tried that before but apparently rushed him once more.

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Technically, it will be time off for Reigns from the main title picture. Rollins and Owens will be at the center of it all though it doesn’t look like the “Architect” will become champion soon. The reason is Triple H.

The WWE COO was responsible for handing Owens the Universal title on Raw following SummerSlam so it won’t be surprising to see him again. Once the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins rivalry is set, would that be the opening for Reigns?

All of that depends on how he is able to rebuild himself. Right now the WWE is obviously keeping tabs of his impact on the fans. Sadly, it isn’t even close to acceptance.

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  • TBP82

    While there is some good points in this article. Roman has been accepted by the fans just not the smarks. But he and Rusev is the best thing right now not because he shouldn’t be in the Universal Title picture but because the two can have a really good feud. If they have the deciding match next month at hell in a cell in the cell it will be electric.