WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Thinks Rusev Disrespected US Title, Feud Could Run For A Long Time

WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Thinks Rusev Disrespected US Title, Feud Could Run For A Long Time
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With a new focus, Roman Reigns seems to have embraced the fact that he will be working on upping the value of the United States title for now. Following months of controversies tied up to his WWE heavyweight title-run, it seems that the “Big Dog” got something better.


But along with that comes the responsibility of being United States champion. Roman Reigns is pretty much aware of what is at stake, the name of the title which says it all. Still and all, it is one of the major titles that the WWE has right now and Reigns is simply happy he hold the honor of wearing it around his waist.

Did Rusev misrepresent the US title?

While most know that the WWE is all a show, Roman Reigns was asked whether he could do a better job representing the championship. Apparently, he is ready for the challenge, possibly better than Rusev, according to Bleacher Report.

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Rusev did hold the belt for quite some time but Roman Reigns singled out the “Bulgarian Brute’s” constant gloating that didn’t seem fit with the US title. It was disrespectful and something he plans to restore during his title reign, according to a report from Wrestling Inc.

Ready For Future Clashes With Rusev

The Roman Reigns vs. Rusev feud is likely to go on and the “Big Dog” is ready for it. The “Bulgarian Brute” is likely to still target it but Roman Reigns could care less. He is aware and ready for it and much of that is expected moving forward.

The WWE cannot go on and focus on this for long. Rusev may be the main protagonist for that title for now but it may come to a point where the WWE will have to pair him up with someone else. Right now, there is no clear indication who would succeed Rusev against Roman Reigns – with or without the US title in tow.

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